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Our clients fly with confidence, enjoying the professional and personalized service provided by the most experienced pilots and the safest, most reliable operators in the aviation industry.

Please contact Premier Charter Network today for your private air charter travel consultation and quote.

Our commitment to passenger safety begins with screening of aircraft and private charter operations based on ratings from the most widely respected and well-known independent aircraft auditing agencies for corporate aviation, ARG/US and Wyvern. Evaluations and auditing of charter aircraft, crews and maintenance allow these organizations to recommend aircraft that meet their benchmarking standards.

Safety Standards

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Considering only aircraft and private charter operators that garner the highest possible ratings from these agencies, Premier Charter Network then begins the process of further qualifying each aircraft and private charter operators based on many key factors including:

  • Incident-Free Safety Records
  • Maintenance Standards and Aircraft Logbooks/Record Keeping
  • Size of Fleet and Ability Offer Backup Aircraft
  • Director of Maintenance Experience and Qualifications
  • Pilot Training and Qualifications
  • Aircraft Age and Maintenance History
  • Aircraft Overall Quality and Condition

Premier Charter Network places passenger safety above all other priorities. We’re committed to never compromising or cutting corners when it comes to safety for our clients. Our global network of private aircraft charter operators are governed by stringent FAA Part 135 and 121 regulations for private aircraft charter.