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To book your super heavy jet, please contact Premier Charter Network for a free travel consultation and quote, or with any further questions or comments you might have.

Available Jets in this Class:

  • Falcon 2000/EX/LX
  • Challenger 601/604/605
  • Falcon 900/900B
  • Falcon 900EX
  • Gulfstream IV
  • Gulfstream G450/GIV-SP
  • Global 5000
  • Global Express
  • Gulfstream G500/GV
  • Gulfstream G550

Heavy cabin jets are designed to comfortably accommodate 8 to 16 passengers with substantial baggage space.  Ideal for trips within the U.S. and can fly to many U.S. locations nonstop. Ideal for international, nonstop transoceanic travel with a standard travel range of up to twelve hours flight time or 6,000 miles in optimal conditions.  All heavy cabin jets include an enclosed lavatory and a fully-equipped galley with room for preparing and serving food and drinks. They also have the largest interiors and include sleeping accommodations for smaller groups. All flights will have a flight attendant on board. These jets provide the greatest number of amenities in the highest level of comfort.

Heavy Jets